Automatesubscriptionsclaims declarationsfraud detection

Our API uses state-of-the-art Computer Vision technology to analyze insurance files, including fraud detection.

An insurance API

Our API uses state-of-the-art Computer Vision technology to analyse insurance files and cross-reference information.

Multi-documents reader
Extract multiple documents from one page or many pages
File Completeness support
Verify consistency and completeness between all documents
Fraud Detection
Detect forged document or inconsistency between documents
API ready
Easily integrate our module into your product
GDPR compliant
We store data on your storage
Hosted in France
All our infrastructure run from Microsoft Azure in France

A solution dedicated to Insurance

We handle all documents dedicated to Insurance processes.






A quick and simple integration

Only few lines of code are used to analyze documents

import requests
import json

file_path = ''
token = ''
resp = requests.post(
  files={'file': open(file_path, 'rb')},
  headers={'Authorization': f'Bearer {token}'}
body = json.loads(resp.content.decode('utf8'))


Motor subscriptions

AssurOne uses Zelros to simplify theirs motor insurance subscription processes. With Documents2Insights, they can automate 25% of subscriptions. More than 10 000 documents have already been processed since beginning of 2020. With Zelros, they can free more than 500 hours for their advisors

Life insurance claims

Leading life insurer

This leading life insurer uses Zelros to automate their life insurance claim processes. Documents2Insights provides smart insights about files' validity and completeness. Zelros helps the insurer to comply with the local regulations.